Nobody is perfect – Help us improve the Photo Guide!

The Photo Guide’s content is very comprehensive – if it was a printed book, it had several hundred pages of plain text. We do our very best to craft high quality content, but sometimes a typo finds its way into … Continue Reading

Double celebration

If you read my previous post and look at the images in this gallery (especially the last one), what does that tell you?     YES! Version 4 of the Photo Guide ist finished and finally available in the App … Continue Reading

It’s been a long way …

It must have been last year at the end of April, when I thought that the all new Photo Guide should be finished in another one or two months from then. The old App was beginning to get the first … Continue Reading

We’re getting there …

We started this blog two years ago to keep the remaining followers of this project up to date about the new version of the app. At that time, we had been working for well over a year already and didn’t … Continue Reading

iPhone 7 Plus – Interesting Camera(s)!

We can’t wait to give the new cameras of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus a try. A standard lens (about 50 mm) built into an iPhone – this sounds very promising! The new Retina display with wide color gamut is … Continue Reading

Time flies …

WOW – our last sign of life here has been 9 months ago. One might think the project got cancelled, but it’s the complete opposite! Every single day for the past 9 months (i.e. 250+ days), we’ve been working on … Continue Reading

Taking a closer look

No, we didn’t forget about the app – quite the contrary – we are continuing the work with joined forces towards the completion of the new version! There will be an abundance of exclusive content. A few days ago, thanks … Continue Reading

Image Quality for Live Photos

While reading the latest reviews, there have been reports of the new Live Photo feature having a negative effect on the image quality in low light conditions. The explanation for this: For the video recording (with about 15 fps) to … Continue Reading

In Iceland for the Photo Guide

One of the most important aspects of the Photo Guide are the photos we use in our topics. We could explain everything using mediocre photos taken in a few minutes, but we deeply care about photography, so of course these … Continue Reading

Effective Product Promo Videos

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