v4.3 – Augmented Reality & more

We just released version 4.3 of The Photo Guide! This is a huge update, offering a brand new AR tool to visualize Sun and Moon throughout the day for any date and time.

Augmented Reality

Leveraging the power of Apple’s ARKit, version 4.3 is introducing a brand new Augmented Reality tool that lets you visualize where Moon and Sun will be throughout the day.

Finally you can better plan your shots and get a better understanding of how high or low the Sun will be throughout the day. The Photo Guide now also shows you times for Golden Hour, Blue Hour, Sunrise and Sunset for your current location!

Dark Mode

Introduced in iOS 13, Dark Mode quickly became the default interface style for many iPhone and iPad users. The Photo Guide now fully support Dark Mode, making it very pleasant to use it in the evening or when shooting at night!

We also extended the iPhone & iPad chapter by additional topics.

Have fun and enjoy photography!

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