It’s been a long way …

It must have been last year at the end of April, when I thought that the all new Photo Guide should be finished in another one or two months from then. The old App was beginning to get the first bad reviews after so many five star ratings and everyone was getting impatient to finally see the new version.

To put even more pressure on me, I decided not to shave until the App was in the App Store. Every morning when I looked into the mirror, I was reminded to work even harder to get the App done and thus get rid of my very first beard.


Time went by as still quite a few topics needed to be written and illustrated with photos and interactive graphics. The trouble with the photos was, that they all needed to be shot specifically for the Photo Guide. Even if you have traveled around the world and made many ten thousands of pictures, there will most likely not be a lot of pictures that are suitable to explain different aspects of photography. You usually just don’t make your pictures for that reason.

My beard just grew longer and longer. My friends started calling me funny names and my wife kicked me out of our bedroom. Just kidding, but she really wished for me to get finished.

As you can see, I am suffering with you all the time. But now the END is near, trust me.

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