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Behind the Scenes

We're getting there ...

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We started this blog two years ago to keep the remaining followers of this project up to date about the new version of the app. At that time, we had been working for well over a year already and didn't expect in our wildest dreams that this project would be so incredibly extensive and laborious – it turned out it is.

You hopefully haven't given up hope for the upcoming version yet, because we are now in the final stages of the completion. Stay tuned!

iPhone 7 Plus – Interesting Camera(s)!

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We can’t wait to give the new cameras of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus a try. A standard lens (about 50 mm) built into an iPhone – this sounds very promising!

The new Retina display with wide color gamut is another great feature – Apple really delivered exciting stuff for us photography enthusiasts this year!

Of course there will be details and tips on the new devices in version 4 of the Photo Guide!


Time flies …

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WOW – our last sign of life here has been 9 months ago. One might think the project got cancelled, but it’s the complete opposite! Every single day for the past 9 months (i.e. 250+ days), we’ve been working on the next version of the app.

We’ve finally completed most of the texts for version 4 – we’re still working on some pictures, graphics and polishing up the app. So there’s an end in sight.

It is absolutely incredible how much work has gone into the highly anticipated update. We will publish another blog post on this once the update is released.

Well – time to get back to work ...

Taking a closer look

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No, we didn't forget about the app - quite the contrary - we are continuing the work with joined forces towards the completion of the new version!

There will be an abundance of exclusive content.

A few days ago, thanks to Zeiss Microscopy, we were able to take a closer look at the surface of some image sensors.

To get close enough to the actual sensor area, we had to be a little rough on the sample.

The results are very interesting and will soon be available in the Photo Guide.


Image Quality for Live Photos

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While reading the latest reviews, there have been reports of the new Live Photo feature having a negative effect on the image quality in low light conditions.

The explanation for this: For the video recording (with about 15 fps) to capture the live effect, images must be taken very quickly, hence the exposure time must be kept short (max. 1/15”). To achieve this, the ISO is increased, resulting in more noise and thus lower image quality. Sounds obvious.

However, we could not imagine that Apple would accept such compromises in the photo quality. This would mean that the maximum exposure time would be around 1/15”. If this was the case, there would be no advantage in using the iPhone 6s Plus optical image stabilizer (longer exposure time instead of using a higher ISO value).

After reviewing some of our in-house test pictures, we can reassure you: The new Live feature has no negative impact on the image quality! Images are still captured with a maximum shutter speed of 1/4” for the 6s Plus. (i.e. 1/17” for the 6s) The difference in maximum exposure times is due to the presence of the optical image stabilizer in the 6s Plus.

So rest assured, there is no impact to the image quality while using the new Live feature!

Language Settings in iOS 9

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Update: Version 3.1.1 includes a fix for this issue.

A change in iOS 9 knocked out our automatic language detection for the content. In consequence the content is always shown in English, even if the system language of the iPhone or iPad is set to German.

The coming update fixes this problem, of course!

To still be able to read our topics in German by then, you can simply manually switch to "German" in the settings of the Photo Guide. After restarting the app (double-tap the home button => swipe up the Photo Guide app to quit it), all contents reappear in German.

Iceland Trip

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One of the most important aspects of the Photo Guide are the photos we use in our topics. We could explain everything using mediocre photos taken in a few minutes, but we deeply care about photography, so of course these photos have to meet our quality standards.

We thought Iceland would be a great place to take some of the remaining photos for our next big release. So we packed our Landrover and started to drive north from our office in Germany. After going north for roughly 1000 miles, we drove onto a ferry in Denmark. It took us to Seyðisfjörður in the east of Iceland via a short stop on the Faroe Islands. A few thousand miles and several thousand photos later, we are now back in the office, processing all the photos.

It was a fantastic trip and we came up with more than 200 Gigabytes of RAW photos. Enough to get some great shots for our upcoming release!

We deeply care about every detail of the Photo Guide and Iceland was the perfect place to add more amazing content to our app.

It’s time for us to go back to work.

Stay tuned and enjoy photography!

Rest assured, we're hard at work!

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The latest version of The Photo Guide has received top ratings from its users and in the press, but we wanted to re-vamp the app to the next level. Turns out this is more work than originally expected – we want it to be perfect! Therefore, for over 12 months now we've been working on version 4.0 of the photography guide.

The release is getting closer, but we still need a little more time to finish up the app. I promise you the wait will be worth it!

Since the new version will be available as a free update for existing users, you can get started on the current version of The Photo Guide. We're sure you will learn a lot about photography!

BONUS: There are some breathtaking photos from our recent Iceland trip that will be featured in the new version.