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It's been way too long since the last update of The Photo Guide. We sincerely apologize. Our users provided us with fantastic feedback, and for that they deserve a great app. We’ve been working hard for the last year, and cannot wait to show off the re-vamped app. The new version will be a free update to our existing users.

Please give us a bit more time. We want to make it right! In the meantime, check out our blog for updates.

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The Photo Guide

If you love photography, you’re gonna love the Photo Guide.
It is the most comprehensive guide on photography on the App Store.

We love photography. What about you?

  • Basics

    Only if you master the fundamental basics, the more complex stuff makes sense. Even basics can be fun!

  • PhotoTips

    Now you know the "theoretical" basics the PhotoTips will show you how to actually use that knowledge out in the field (or studio).

  • How-Tos

    See how specific photos were taken. Which shutter speed and why, which lighting and much more!

  • Lens Filters

    You can do a lot of stuff in post on your computer, but actual lens filters enable you to do very interesting things!

  • iPhone & iPad

    Your iPhone's or iPad's camera is actually pretty good. And even better if you know some tricks. ;)

  • Quiz

    You already know everything about photography? Check out the quiz and find out that there's stuff you didn't know.

  • Glossary

    Oh no, what's "Hyperfocal distance"? Several hundred glossary entries will help you. Photography is not rocket science.